Level 10 with two videos, one to show howto make purple jewels

Level 10 Starting Layout with one Joker and 27 Cards in the Deck
PSS Level 10
Score needed for 1 Star, fetched by Nancy Kit Copp: 8,000 points

Level 10 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga need at least 8 000 points to be cleared.

Level 10 starts out with 27 cards in the deck, so there is no need to use any Booster.

Level 10 is the last level of Sandy Landing.

Below you found two video walkthroughs for Pyramid Solitaire Saga 10. Both are made without Boosters with quite nice scores. 

Purple Jewels in Pyramid Solitaire Saga

You can not receive purple jewels (oviolet jewels as they also are referred as) as gifts from your friends, you need to create them by making long streaks.

You need purple Jewels for the Boosters that you will unlock later on in the game. 

Howto make a purple Jewels/violet Jewels

The upper video shows a strike to make a purple jewel. A purple jewel is gained every time you get a jewel strike that ends at 0, that means you get a purple jewel with 10 matching cards in a row, you get another purple if you get 20 matches, 30 and 40 etc.