Level 34

Round 1 is an easy round that starts with 28 cards in the deck. The essential cards to clear out are on both sides, so you want to focus on clearing out the sides.

Pyramid solitaire saga, Lvl 34, rnd 2,
Level 34, start layout for round 2
Round 2 starts out with 23 cards in the deck. It is a quite tricky round, but if you have an extra Joker saved up for this round it will be quite easy to get through. When you use the Joker Boosts you want to have a possibility to clear out at least 3 cards with it, so thinking ahead is really something to recommend! 
Red Jewels tend to drop as random drops when completing level 34, so you probably want to go back to this level to play it again later on. 

Level 34 walkthrough video