Level 46 can't be done without boosters?

Play level 46 a few times before taking in the boosters. When having a bit more confiedence, use the Extra joker Booster and the Multiplier Booster or the +5 Cards Booster and the Multiplier Booster. The Multiplier Booster seem to be a must to get the score needed even for one Star.

Try to plan ahead before hitting the Golden Card at the first round, so that you will get a big chain of cards to fit for more scores. Use a Joker to get a long chain after hitting the golden card.

Don't miss the Golden card at round two, the golden card is hidden in the middle and hard to see in the beginning of round two at level 46.

Video 1, Level 46 Boosters for +5 Cards and the Multiplier Booster in use, 3 Stars!

Video 2, Level 46 Shuffle Charm in use and 3 Boosters.