Level 84 - Detailed walkthrough

Guide for level 84 written by Andrew Martin in the Pyramid Solitaire Saga Group

  • This seems like a pretty darn hard level when you first play, but becomes (a bit!) easier if you follow these guidelines. I had all boosters on while playing this level (I think it's a given to play with them on in world 9!)

  • You must NOT use a joker from your hand (the amount of times I kept forgetting was pretty frustrating!) to pass this level. Makes sense to turn the joker booster off to save gems, unless you think those 4000 extra points you get from the extra joker is worth the gems.

  1. Part 1 -
  • All the cards in the outside rectangle are doubled up. The scarab cards are in the corners, and ALL bottom row cards have chains on them. The 2 mummy cards in the middle hide 3 jokers. What you need to do in this level is uncover the 4 corner cards and the mummy cards, while collecting as few other cards as possible, even if it means stopping a combo. The mummy cards should be your first priority though. 
  • You shouldn't have any problems getting a combo that clears most of the board and gets the scarab cards once the jokers are uncovered.
  • I managed a 31 card combo, and had 54940 points at this point. (I'm writing this as I play it so I may very well fail the second part haha)

  1. Part 2 -  
  • In a similar fashion to before, but the outer rectangle is now 4 cards deep, with the scarabs in the bottom row corners and all bottom row cards chained up. The mummy card in the middle holds only 1 joker this time. 
  • This is significantly harder than part 1, but you must play in the same way. Hopefully you can uncover the corner cards (12 in total before you see the scarabs) by using as few other cards as possible, including the mummy card in the middle. It's inevitable that you will use other cards, but the less you use, the easier it will be to finish. Again, hopefully you can score even 2 or 3 card combos while getting the corner cards as you really don't get very many cards in this level.
  • Try and create a four card combo in order for you to pick up a scarab card after it. If you managed to use NO other cards, you will have 3 rows of 8 normal cards to choose from, which isn't ideal, but it is a start. Leave the joker until as late as possible here even if it means carrying on a combo as you only get 1. If you're lucky in part one, you shouldn't have to score very high in part 2.
  • I got a 17 card combo this time, and ended up with 88320 points (woohoo, 3*!, that was lucky considering the amount of times I've failed this level).