Charms in Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Charms in Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Charms can be of real help when you are stuck in a tricky level. Each charm gets unlocked after you complete levels. For example, The Charm of Shuffle gets unlocked at level 13. This means you will have to complete level 13 to unlock it. The Costs mentioned in this article can change as King.Com now and then adjust their prices. 

Charm of Foresight

You can see the next 2 cards in the face-down card deck. You can use it anytime during the game.
Unlocks after completing Level 5. Cost 119 FB Credits.

Charm of Life

Permanently adds 3 to your maximum number of lives. Cost 199 FB Credits

Charm of Regret (Unlocked at level 8)

Makes it possible to undo the last turn from the deck.  Cost 79 FB Credits.

Charm of Guidance

Highlights all matching cards.  Cost 49 FB Credits.

Charm of Shuffle

Use this charm to change card position in the visible row of cards. You can use this only once per level.
Unlocks after completing Level 13. Cost 119 FB Credits.

Charm of Locksmith

Use this charm to unlock all locks in later levels. There will be levels where you will see locked layout of cards. Use it to unlock them.
Unlocks after completing Level 24. Cost 99 FB Credits.

Charm of Reveal

Reveals flipped down cards in a deck. Much like the Charm of Foresight, but the former can let you see only 2 cards.
Unlocks after completing Level 28. Cost 179 FB Credits.

Charm of Reserve

With this power-up you can save one card so that you can use it later in the game. Not much useful in my opinion. Can be used by expert Solitaire players.
Unlocks after completing Level 36. Cost 219 FB Credits.

Charm of Release

This can be very useful in levels where cards are chained. You can use it to free all chained cards.
Unlocks after completing Level 52. Cost FB Credits.

Charm of Unravel

Unravels all the Mummy cards on the stone tablet.