Diamonds aka White Jewels


This article is saved for historical reasons, the jewels are not a feature of the renewed Pyramid Solitaire Saga

The white jewels, or Diamonds as we also could call them, in Pyramid Solitaire Saga is fairly hard to get. You need to get streaks of 15, 25, 35 etc. cards to collect one of these lovely white jewels. You can collect many diamonds in the same round if you get long streaks, then you also get purple jewels! :) 

You need Diamonds to create Boosters in Pyramid Solitaire Saga. The Multiplier booster takes ‎3 blue jewels, 5 purple jewels and 2 diamonds to create. 

You can try out level 16, 21 and 32 to get long strikes of card matching the deck. 

If you are really really keen on getting white jewels, you can use the extra joker booster to boost your streaks, the Extra joker Booster takes other jewels to create, so it sometimes is the trade you need to get to make the Multiplier Booster.