Pyramid Solitaire Saga Winter Wonderland Levels

Watch all the Winter Wonderland Levels via this PLAYLIST at Youtube.
The Winter Wonderland Levels were introduced at December 1st 2012 and contains 25  wonderful Levels, so far all of them have been 2 rounds/level.

The Winter wonderland Levels have brought new kinds of special cards into the game, frosted, iced and wrapped cards.

You remove the ice cards by removing all the visible frosted cards on a board.

You reveal a wrapped card to be used by getting 3 cards in a row to the deck. If you miss twice after unwrapping a card it wrap itself again.

Here is a video on how to play Pyramid Solitaire Saga Winter wonderland Level 12.

And here is how to play Level 19, that was also one of the hardest on!!!