Level 95

Guide for level 95 written by Andrew Martin in the Pyramid Solitaire Saga Group

  • Level 95 looks pretty difficult to begin with, but it's actually one of the easiest levels in world 8.

  • Round 1

  • There are 2 jokers hidden under 2 mummy cards each, and only 1 scarab card with chains on it in the middle. The rest of the cards are, essentially, stacked in 2 piles so you can only choose any 2 at once. The trick to getting a good score on this level is to leave as many cards as possible. Look at the non-special cards and see if you can set up a run of 4 cards somewhere to unlock the chains on the scarab card. If you need one of the top mummy cards in this run, unlock it but remember not to use it.
  • Leave cards on the table even if you can pick them up unless it's going towards clearing cards to set up the 4-card combo: Cards left are 300 points each, whereas if you pick up the card individually, it's only worth 150. Once you get 4 cards in a row you can pick the scarab card up anyway.
  • Once you have your combo of 4, unless you can pick the scarab up on your next turn, use your joker then pick it up. You still get a joker bonus for any jokers left on the table so it's not so bad using yours. Consider setting up a 3 card combo, then your joker, then a card which leads on to the scarab card.
  • If this tactic fails, try and uncover the mummy cards asap. While the jokers in your hand don't count towards your combo, the jokers on the table DO. Once you have one or both jokers open, getting a combo of 4 cards then picking up the scarab card should be perfectly doable.
  • Anything over 18,000 points after this level is great and will set you up for a probable 3* score.

  • Round 2

  • Your main aim here is to unlock as many of the mummy cards before you begin a combo, even if it means ignoring a card you can pick up and using most of your hand cards up. You've got potentially 10 jokers on the table at your disposal, so a big combo shouldn't be a problem.
  • Once you have about 6 mummy cards unwrapped, try and start a combo, aiming both to unlock jokers and to start down one of the card piles to one of the key cards. You can see which cards are in the piles, so aim for the side that you can create a good combo with the mummy cards you have unwrapped.
  • It really shouldn't be too hard to make a combo all the way down to the key card then the scarab card, in fact it's not too difficult to get a full 37 card combo without using any of your own jokers.
  • Remember however, that jokers are worth 2000 each, so unless you have a combo of 25+ going near the end, you're better off leaving the jokers and going straight for the scarab if you have the chance.