Howto get red jewels

Red jewels in Pyramid Solitaire Saga

 You need red jewels(plus other jewels too) to make the Boosters for an extra Joker in Pyramid Solitaire Saga or/and to make the Booster that gives you 5 extra cards in your card deck. 

The red jewels are random drops, you can't manufacture them. There are however some great levels for trying to cheat the random factor used to drop red Jewels

To gain red jewels fast without using boosters or loosing lives it is good to go back and play the lower levels (1-10) and hope for the red jewels to drop. Level 4, Level 13 and Level 21 have been tested by many players and seem to drop red jewels really often! 

by clicking THIS LINK FOR RED JEWELS you get 300 red Jewels, the 300 red jewels are originated from the website xLuca1986x

There is also a red jewels bug, the game seems to throw heaps of red jewels in the sand, but they don't get credited to your jewel storage. The feeling when you see this happening is quite astonished though! XD

So far (July 2012) the game hasn't been hacked for jewels, so cheats to get red jewels in Pyramid Solitaire Saga is not yet available. You can buy the Boosters that you are able to create with the help of red jewels with cold cash though.

Here is a video of the red gem bug

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