Pyramid Solitaire Saga Boosters and Jewels needed for them

When you level up in Pyramid Solitaire saga, you will be given the option to use Boosters to improve your game. They can be hard to get, as you need heaps of jewels to purchase them. You can also purchase them with FB Credits if collecting gems feels to hard. The Boosters will be of great help when you have troubles advancing in the game. 

Booster 1: Bonus cards

The Booster for Bonus cards is Unlocked at level 7. It gives you five more cards in the card deck.

What are the jewels needed for the +5 bonus cards booster?
10 yellow, 6 green and 1 red.

Booster 2: Extra Joker(Unlocks at lvl 18)

The Booster for an Extra Joker in Pyramid Solitaire saga is Unlocked at level 18. By using the Extra Joker Booster you get an Extra Joker to use at any time. That means that you go into a game with two Jokers instead of one. At levels with two rounds, the Extra Joker carries on to the second round, if it isn't used in the first round.
Special insight by Nancy Kit Copp: When I used both jokers in round one, I then got an extra joker in round 2 also! 
When I didn’t use either of the 2 jokers in round one, I got a 4,000 point bonus for that round alone. The same thing happened in round 2. When I used the Extra Joker Bonus for the level but didn’t use it in either hand, I ended up getting an 8,000 point bonus for the level! Wow, that could be a huge help on a level where anyone is having trouble getting the points!
What are the jewels needed for the Extra Joker booster?
‎11 yellow, 5 blue and 2 red.

Booster 3: Extra time

The Booster for Extra time is Unlocked at level 22. It is supposed to add 15 seconds more time to timed levels. It has been reported though that this is malfunctioning. 

What are the jewels needed for the Extra time booster?
4 yellow, 6 green and 3 purple.

Booster 4: the Multiplier

The Multiplier Booster is Unlocked at level 32. It increases your score by 20%. You see a score mark at your lower left hand in the game when the Multiplier Booster is active. 

What are the jewels needed for the Multiplier booster?
‎3 blue, 5 purple and 2 diamond.

Make sure that you have unchecked the Boosters in use when first entering a new level, this way you can save them for the REAL HARD levels.