Pyramid Solitaire Saga for iPad / iPhone / Android

Run around with social matters while you seek solitude in the Pyramid Solitaire Saga App!

Porkkana got the hold of the Pyramid Solitaire Saga Android App  last night. We were both so excited, so there where no time to figure out any more smooth way to get it ob tape. We hope you'll have as fun with the game as we have had so far! ;-) 

Join our unofficial Pyramid Solitaire Saga Group and figure out the mobile apps TOGETHER with  other solitaire experts!

I really didn't believe Pyra id Solitaire Saga would go mobile at all....

The game started right after I had installed and opened the Pyramid Solitaire Saga iPhone App at my iPhone5, I played a few levels and then connected to Facebook. After a few seconds of confusion I found my way beyond Level 10 and at Level 100 again.


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Pyramid Solitaire Saga Intro

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is an online free Facebook game made by King.Com. 

This article describes the basic rules and instructions for Pyramid Solitaire Saga at Facebook. Feel free to browse the different links at your right hand to get more specific information and cheats for the game.

To complete a level in Pyramid Solitaire Saga, clear out all cards that are placed on a golden scarab. The Scarab Card is always covered with other cards. You recognise a scarab card by the golden corners of the card. You can use the spacebar key or click on the deck to turn over the next card in the deck. 

Level 1-30 all have only one round, but from level 31 and up each level has 2 rounds. 

A < 2 > 3

2 < 3 > 4
3 < 4 > 5
4 < 5 > 6
5 < 6 > 7
6 < 7 > 8
7 < 8 > 9
8 < 9 > 10
9 < 10 > J
10 < J > Q
J < Q > K
Q < K > A
K < A > 2
And the Joker can be matched with any card. 


- Removing cards:
You get a rising score for removing a card from the layout if you do it without turning over another card from the deck:

1st card: 100 points

  • 2nd card: 150 points
  • 3rd card: 200 points ...and so on.
    Each following card in the same run increases the score with 50 points. And every time you turn a card from the deck the score starts over from 100 points. Your longest run for each round is listed in the left score column and can award you with an extra bonus score.
    - Special cards:
    The top cards of the pyramid will reveal a Scarab when the are cleared away. These Scarab cards have a special value:
  • 1st Scarab: 1000 points
  • 2nd Scarab: 1500 points
  • 3rd Scarab: 2000 points
  • -Remaining cards when the round is done: 300 points/Card